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Chenguang Machinery & Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is comprehensive enterprise specialized in development, production, and marketing of ultra-hard materials.

CVD growth chamber _副本
In the year of 2018, we have two workshops, nearly 50 cubic press are used for growing HPHT diamond, One workshop, 7 sets CVD growth chamber , dedicated to the growth of CVD, Advanced laser cutting machines, polishing and grinding machines are fully equipped , running day and night, so we can provide you with complete growth, cutting, polishing and grinding services for HPHT diamond and CVD diamond.


Synthetic diamonds, HPHT synthetic diamond, Lab created diamonds, Man made diamonds. Diamond tools.


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    We have specialized in industrial synthetic diamond frield for more than 20 years with rich experience and good reputation. We have first-class production and testing equipments, mature production lines and practiced staff members. Our Quality Control involves from materials sourcing to delivery. We focus on quality and control the defect rate .
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