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China’s 5 “diameter CVD diamond window manufacturing technology takes new steps

Recently learned from the Laser Research Institute of Hebei Province, the 5-inch diameter CVD diamond window preparation technology has taken another step, and its product thickness reaches 1mm, which is 0.3mm higher than the previous 0.7mm. This indicates that China’s 915MHz, 75KW microwave CVD diamond equipment is basically mature, and it has achieved the goal of surpassing foreign advanced levels.

It is understood that CVD diamond film research has a history of more than 30 years, and new bright spots and new research directions continue to appear. Research on nano (NCD) and ultra nano (UNCD) diamond films and related applications will continue to be one of the hot topics in domestic CVD diamond film research for quite a long time.










“High-tech applications such as diamond film-based SOD, SAW, travelling wave tubes and other high-power devices, optical windows (spherical domes) will likely receive greater attention, and may have practical applications in the next 5-10 years. It is possible to form a small-scale market. “Technologists at the Hebei Laser Research Institute said that with the advent of the 5G era, the heat dissipation problem of high-frequency and high-power microwave devices is becoming more and more serious, and the thermal conductivity of diamond is commonly used in silicon materials. 15 times, the advantage of using CVD diamond as the substrate of the device is very obvious. The Hebei Laser Research Institute has cooperated with many domestic research institutes to carry out research in this area and has made a good start.

In recent years, the Hebei Institute of Laser Research has cooperated with the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Angular small-angle scattering test line; in cooperation with the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CVD diamond was successfully used in the detection window of the model satellite load;

In order to develop the application of CVD diamond in the fields of optics and electronics, the project team of the institute and the Beijing University of Science and Technology have jointly developed microwave CVD diamond deposition technology, verified high-power 2.45GHz microwave CVD diamond equipment for various resonant cavities, and established the first domestic 915MHz, 75KW microwave CVD diamond equipment. At present, polycrystalline CVD diamond windows with a diameter of 2 inches have entered the pilot stage, and samples of polycrystalline CVD diamond windows with a diameter of 5 inches have also been prepared. Based on the 2.45GHz equipment, the project team also conducted research on homoepitaxial single crystal CVD diamond, which is mainly used in the fields of detectors, electronic devices and jewelry, and has made promising progress.



“CVD diamond has a wide range of applications in advanced scientific research, aerospace, and large scientific installations, and is even the only option. For example, in the tokamak device for nuclear fusion, the feed window for high-power microwaves can only be polycrystalline CVD Diamond. ”The research team of Hebei Provincial Laser Research Institute and Shanghai and Beijing synchrotron radiation sources have carried out many cooperations. They have successfully developed CVD diamond fluorescent target detectors, blade detectors, and are conducting X-ray position detectors, X-ray window, R & D of infrared window; Diamond has been successfully applied in the fields of satellite heat expansion plate, remote sensing satellite window, phased array radar transceiver module and other fields.

The 915MHz microwave CVD diamond equipment and 5-inch CVD diamond preparation technology developed by the project team have not yet been reported in China, breaking foreign monopolies and having a large technological advantage in China.



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