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Polycrystalline CVD diamond

polycrystalline CVD (chemical vapour deposition) synthetic diamond products are manufactured by a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process and are subject to tightly controlled growth conditions during manufacturing and equally stringent quality control procedures.


1.CVD diamond dresser blanks produced by our Laboratory through DC Arc Plasma Jet  is suitable for all dresser types – single point, multipoint, blade, rotary, roller etc. The choice of the size of dresser is determined by the application and suitable dimensions can be recommended on request. winden the choice for the grinding technologist. With excellent thermal properties, CVD diamond dresser is supplied as small durable “logs” which integrate well into traditional dresser manufacturing techniques. Its polycrystalline nature means there is no requirement for special orientations to be set, since dressing ability is unaffected by the diamond orientation in the dressing tool.

2.Tool fabrication
Our CVD diamond dresser blanks have outstanding thermal properties and very high thermal oxidation resistance. It is ideal for secure mounting when using traditional non-ferrous metal sintering. Alternatively, the CVD diamond dressers can be brazed  onto a dresser body using an active braze alloy in a non-oxidizing environment

·High wear resistance to chipping and fracture
·Uniform wear resistance over the entire length of the dresser
·Performance independent of dressing orientation
·Excellent thermal stability
·Diamond with no binder phase

Our CVD diamond dresser is supplied as rectangular logs in various lengths and square .CVD diamond dresser products with non-standard dimensions are available on request.

Parameters of properties

Vickers hardness 7000-10000kg/mm2
Density 3.51g/cm3
Young’s modulus 1000-1100GPa
Thermal conductivity >8W/cm.K
Chemical stability insoluble in alkali and acid


Regular size 

Product Number X Length Width x Thickness
JSCVDDX0404 1.5-5.0 0.4×0.4
JSCVDDX0606 1.5-5.0 0.6×0.6
JSCVDDX0808 1.5-5.0 0.8×0.8
JSCVDDX1010 1.5-5.0 1.0×1.0
JSCVDDX1515 3.0-7.0 1.5×1.5
JSCVDDX2020 3.0-7.0 2.0×2.0

Different sizes and shapes can be customized according to your request.

CVD diamond

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Synthetic diamond

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