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Yellow and white Single crystal synthetic diamond rough stones


Our big size single crystal synthetic diamonds are produced by high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) synthesis  refer to those synthetic diamond crystals which size>0.8mm, due to technical requirements and cost of production are more and more higher than synthetic diamond power, this type has be separated out for easier sorting,

Big size singel crystal synthetic diamond is used for cutting tools ,dressing tools, a variety of speciality knives, burnishing tools, wear parts, ,wire drawing dies, and jewellery.

We have both white and yellow rough diamond .

Type Available size Reference price Reference application
White rough diamond 1mm-2.0mm $30.00-$60.00 per carat Jewelry
Yellow rough diamond 1mm-3.6mm $0.2- $70.00 per carat Jewelry,dressers,cutters, wear parts


White diamond

Quality 1, VS, VVS clarity, Size:  1.0mm-1.6mm ,   Color: F-H

white diamond

Quality 2 : SI, VS, VVS clarity, Size:  1.0mm-1.8mm ,   Color: Brownish White, Grey white.

white diamond2


Yellow Rough synthetic diamond

JSBD9907 Grade — The best quality of Yellow rough diamond9907 grade rough diamond


JSBD9908 Grade — The most welcomed quality 

9908 grade rough diamond

JSBD9909 Grade — the best cost-efficiency quality .

9909grade rough diamond

JSBD9910 Grade — The cheapest quality

9910 grade

The quality comparison chart of difference grade : 

rough diamand grade

Available size of yellow rough diamond.

SizeGrade 3.6mm 3.4mm 3.2mm 3.0mm 2.8mm 2.6mm 2.4mm 2.2mm 2.0mm 1.8mm 1.6mm 1.4mm 1.2mm 1.0mm

Particles count chart :





Application of rough diamond stones

diamond dressers

                   Single point diamond dressers

muli point diamond dressers                     Multi point diamond dressers

diamond wire die core

Diamond wire die

loose diamond

Jewelry, loose diamond

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