Synthetic diamond & Diamond tools supplier in China

(Single crystal)Synthetic diamond grits

We continously supply high quality synthetic diamond grits to the diamond tool manufacturers both in China and abroad.

The single crystal synthetic diamond grits are produced under high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) synthesis with consistent and predictable material properties and behaviour.

We maintain the most strict quality control process to offer the best materials, and this is certified across all production sites to ISO 9001 standards.

Most crystals are regular hexahedrons and octahedrons providing complete crystal forms, used for various sawing tools, drilling tools, electroplated tools , grinding tools for all stones, concrete, glass, ceramics, ferrous and nonferrous metals, refractory materials, etc.

Synthetic diamond powder

Synthetic diamond grits for sawing and drilling

The following chart is  about the quality comparison and applications.

Grade comparisan

Available size:

SIZE 20/25 25/30 30/35 35/40 40/45 45/50 50/60 60/70 70/80

Synthetic diamond for grinding or scraping

SIZE 70/80 80/100 100/120 120/140 140/200


With guaranteed product quality, all items are tested using precision electronic instruments before packing and delivery to clients


Click here to find out the test equipments of our synthtic diamond.

Click here to find out the test report  templates of synthetic diamond.

Click here to find out the comparisan chart of the mesh size in each Standard.



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